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The company was founded in 1998 in Leon Guanajuato; It started as a family business, producing 200 pairs per week, since then the product has been women’s shoes, the first customers were wholesalers and merchants installed in the commercial area of ​​the city of Leon.

The design and quality of the product were decisive factors for the positioning of the brand. For the year 2000, the client portfolio was made up of 200 clients, small, medium and large.

In 2008, changes were made in production and marketing strategies that resulted in the sale of more than two and a half million pairs per year.

Every day, more than 500 people find at
Calzado 4elementos an opportunity to
develop professionally and personally with a comprehensive approach


Make many people happy, through the emotion that our products must transmit, being part of their life, their personality, aesthetics, health and well-being.


We aspire to be the most successful Mexican company in the world of footwear.

Our team
is always in
in a process of


Blvd. Mariano Escobedo 4505
Ciudad Satélite, León Gto.

Business Hours

Monday to Friday 9 a 19 hrs
Saturday 9 a 14 hrs
Phone: 477 259 3910